From a start-up business to fortune 100 companies, PCS helps to improve systems and processes That Ensure Your Continued Growth!

Whether your business measures client success through quality of service or quality of product delivery your needs are specific and unlike no other business. Since 2001, PCS has cared for people, compliance and improving business processes in many different industries. From department set-up to recruitment to ensuring exceptional employee relations we are your single-source provider of all the services you need to make a positive difference for every person, every day.



Everyday we talk with our clients about their day to day challenges such as hiring, writing compliance procedures to ensure that their payroll and benefits plans allows for flexibility and delivers results that everyone can count on.  PCS has developed comprehensive solutions to overcome many challenges such as:

-Technology that can be accessed via a simple to use mobile application

-Real Time tracking of employee pay rates and tasks in multiple class codes

-Deliver online comprehensive training

-Provide access to pay and benefit information

-Provide onsite training and consulting services



Our manufacturing clients are diverse in product and services.  We have partnered with clients that work with plastic mold injection, food & beverage, aerospace, sheet metal, wood and other unique disciplines.  Our manufacturing clients contact us to deliver services to their diverse workforce. Among some of the services that we deliver include Leadership Training, Department Audits, Investigations, Human Resources and Work-Safety consulting services.  PCS has a proven record for deploying services such as:  

-Workers’ Compensation Cost Mitigation

-Accident Investigations

-Interim Human Resources Manager or Safety Manager

-Deploying employee insurance benefits

-Implementing Payroll Services


Healthcare / Medical

The healthcare and medical industry are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. Both for-profit and non-profit organizations in the industry evolve in market dynamics and have to adhere to stringent regulatory forces for healthcare consumers and providers. PCS provides guidance and resources to pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, and healthcare clients, and various delivery systems operating the industry. Our goal is to ensure continuous improvement to the multiple sectors in the form of:

-Leadership development and executive recruitment

-Customer support and marketing services

-Human resources management, office, and clerical support services

-Payroll technology and workforce management



We have worked with companies in the technology industry to help them raise their businesses with strategic and innovative advisors. Our team of consultants provides cutting-edge business consulting companies to help them identify opportunities and identify complex issues with solutions. We offer our services to our clients by providing the necessary training and workforce management solutions.

Our leadership training and executive recruitment services are some of the essential services we offer to our partners in the tech industry. We help them transform technology, products, and services and translate it into the goals and policies of the company.



The retail industry is one of the fast-paced and fast-growing sectors that every business wants to conquer. Nonetheless, brick and mortar stores are slowly becoming a thing of the past among retailers in the digital age, and that’s why PCS is here. We help retail companies identify new business models and be able to take advantage of current technological growth.

Our consultancy solutions focus on creating sustainable solutions that help retailers address today’s challenges for a secure future. We provide leadership training, human resource audit, and executive recruitment and staffing, to name a few, to help your business grow. Start with PCS now!

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