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PCS Inc, commits to the ongoing fight against workplace harassment and the promotion of workplace safety. That is why beyond our well- designed California harassment training, California human resources certification training, and OSHA training California solutions, we make sure that we make a difference in our community.

The focus of our community programs lies on raising awareness about workplace safety and deterring harassment in the workplace. We seek to fight against workplace harassment and businesses who do not commit to promote respect for labor and human rights while pursuing a policy of workplace safety and protection centered around employees, culture and environment.

That is why at PCS Inc., we have chosen to organize socially-relevant civic initiatives around California in partnership with NGOs, charitable foundations, or grassroot local groups around reachout efforts.

Our program has several objectives, which include the fight against workplace discrimination and exclusion, promote education, and promote workplace safety while involving employees through volunteering.

Our ongoing social responsibility extends to our community through our relentless programs aimed at organizing and supporting numerous local initiatives. Each year, our community initiatives help more than 500 beneficiaries through partnerships with the following local charities:

Shelter Charity

PCS Inc., supports the homeless in the United States through its commitment to Shelter Charity. We believe in the advocacy of the non-profit group to help those who earn meager income who resort to living in their cars or on the streets to make ends meet.

Providing advice and support via their offline and online presence, helplines and national network of services, Shelter Charity addresses the root causes of homelessness and campaigns for new legislations, policies and solutions to help those who are unable to afford a decent apartment.

Food for Families

We have been working with the local community group Food for Families for a very long time now to deliver free meals for those who cannot afford food, the malnourished and those who suffer from ill health and malnutrition. The Los Angeles community is close to our heart and while it is home to one of the largest populations of any county in the United States, it is also home to one of the largest accounts of hunger, according to L.A. Food Bank.

The group further noted there is an estimated 1.4 million Los Angeles County residents who experience food insecurity. This figure translates to 16% of those who do not know where their next meal is coming from. PCS Inc., work Food for Families to aid the disadvantaged people in the L.A. community, comprised of the poor, marginalized, girls, and children in fragile states. They are the targeted indigents of the feeding program of this charitable partnership.

Where it's Needed

We work with Catholic Charities USA to help distribute emergency funds to serve communities affected by the recent calamities that struck Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and others. The foundation helps serve poor and vulnerable persons and families. They also conducts continuous strategic planning and programs for poverty alleviation while celebrating the national shared identity.

PCS Inc., believe that with around 45 million people living in poverty today in America, something must be done. We support Catholic Charities USA to raise awareness and contribute for the million of people living below poverty line in the United States today and the millions of others in need or struggling to make ends meet.


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