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We constantly innovate our approaches to deliver growth to our clients through top-tiered recruiting, staffing and business support practices and solutions. Explore our offered training and services and find the best fit for your needs.


With clients around the globe, we have worked with employers of every size. See how we can make work easier for your organization.


We constantly innovate our approaches to deliver growth to our clients through top-tiered recruiting, staffing and business support practices and solutions. Explore our offered training and services and find the best fit for your needs.

Administrative Services Outsourcing

Our ASO services, also known as the Administrative Services Outsourcing model, takes Professional Services to the next level by incorporating Payroll, Benefits, Safety and HR Support under one cost-effective model.

HR Support

The HR Support Center with HR On-Demand gives you anytime access to online HR tools and documents, as well as live HR advice from our team of certified HR advisors.


The California wage payment system requires companies to adhere to laws such as the scheduled salary twice a month, employee coverage, and method of payment.

Staffing & Recruitment Services

PCS is one of the trusted workforce agency in California that helps organizations find the best talents. Our professional team of recruiters have been in the industry for years.


HR Compliance Audit

Companies make sure that they undergo HR compliance audit in California to avoid risks and penalties. PCS, Inc. encourages companies to work with experts in ensuring that they adhere and provide the proper forms for employees, files are filed accordingly, and notices in the workplace are provided in a timely manner. It’s also critical that workplace safety and harassment training are adhered by the firm. Remember that laws and regulations constantly changes and it’s important that employers are always on the radar for these changes. Start an HR compliance audit now and work with the experts in the field.

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I-9 Immigration Compliance Audit

I-9 Immigration Compliance Audit is important to ensure that the company adheres to the laws and regulations of I-9. employers must verify the requirements of their employees and complete the I-9 forms, provide permits to employees and documents which is required by law, and the forms must be updated accordingly. To help you with the process, PCS, Inc. is here to help you file, access, and update forms necessary for the requirements of your employees. Errors must be corrected immediately and that’s what we’re here for, too. Let the experts do the work – start by consulting with one of our HR professionals now.

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Wage & Hour Compliance

Wage & Hour Compliance in California is part of the employment law of the state. Companies and employers must adhere to this law in order to determine what is the applicable wage for your business, overtime and overtime pay, minimum wage, on-call pay for employees, and other aspects of the wage law. PCS, Inc is here to audit your business and propose amendments to ensure that your company adheres to the laws and resolve any disputes to avoid any type of risks and penalties. Talk to one of our experts now!

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Rest & Meal Period Compliance

Rest & Meal Period Compliance in California is part of the employee’s law and must be integrated into the company’s system and policies. Specifically, employees must have schedule breaks, must not miss their rest/breaks, breaks must be scheduled automatically and other aspects of the law. Companies are required to follow these strictly in order to avoid potential lawsuits or penalties. Talk to an expert now to ensure that our business is compliant. Save more time and money by working with PCS, Inc. and their experts in the field. Consult now about rest and meal breaks for your employees.

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PCS Inc Service goes over and beyond to provide you with the best customer service possible. They make the onboarding process seamless and effortless. The whole team Moe, Charie, Romero, and Iram always bring there A grand and very responsive to email and phone call.

If you want and need an payroll service use PCS, because they provide you with Ritz Carlton and American Express customer service.


Michael D.

New Era Holdings LLC


We are very glad to have PCS on our side. They do our sexual harassment prevention training. They always go above and beyond to accommodate us, whether we need several sessions in person or online, English/Spanish, and several sessions if need be.

I would certainly recommend PCS for training, it will take some of the stress out of such training.

Livier S.
Caitac Garment Processing Inc



Harassment Prevention Training

Harassment Prevention Training for workplace safety is an important aspect of every organization in California.


Leadership Training

Get the best Leadership Training from PCS, Inc. and enhance your impact on the organization.

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